When is the most ideal time to visit Vietnam?

    Tet holiday in Vietnam
    Tet holiday in Vietnam

    If you’re planning your holiday in Vietnam and wondering when the best time to visit is, then take a look at our article below.

    The simple answer is you can visit Vietnam at any time of the year. It depends on how you will explore this country. Vietnam is a country stretching over a thousand miles from the north to the south. There are two distinct climatic zones: four tropical seasons in the north and two seasons in the south. These climatic zones are divided by Hai Van Pass between Hue and Da Nang.

    The climate of the South

    The dry season here starts from December to April in which there is not too much rain. If you want to spend your holiday in beautiful beaches then it is the best time to visit Vietnam. If you want to head to the highlands, Da Lat is your perfect choice because the climate is quite cool.

    Dalat, Vietnam
    Dalat, Vietnam

    You can also spend all your time in Ho Chi Minh City, however, the roads in the dry season can become dusty.  Many Vietnamese wear long clothes when going out to protect the skin from the sun and dust from vehicles.

    In the South, the temperature does not change much. It is hot in the lowlands and cold in the highlands. The hottest time of the year is between March and May. Travelers from colder countries like the hot weather but the locals do not. Therefore when it starts in the rainy season from May and June, most people feel more comfortable.

    The temperature is lower from September to December. From November to January is the best time to travel to South Vietnam, especially if you want to escape from the cold weather at Christmas.

    The climate of the North

    North Vietnam is known for four seasons rather than just two seasons. The rain during the cold seasons can make things dirty, but fortunately, this does not often happen. If you visit the mountainous areas, prepare the warm clothes because the temperature can drop to 0 degree Celsius, even it occasionally snows in Sapa.


    The spring is the most beautiful time of the year with thousands of tropical flowers. In Hanoi, spring is often wet and humid, before the monsoon in May. Remember to bring your umbrellas when coming here at this time.

    The winter in Sapa
    The winter in Sapa


    Summertime in the North is hot and humid. Bring your umbrellas or raincoat along because the weather can change quickly.


    Autumn in Northern Vietnam is considered to be the most romantic time of the year. The rain and temperature are regulated when the leaves change color. Autumn is also the best time to visit North Vietnam but this season is quite short, just only a few weeks from the mid-September to the end of October.


    Winter in the North is very cold. The temperature in Hanoi can drop down 10 degree Celsius with humidity.  Prepare your appropriate clothes when coming there. At this time, it will be a great experience when people gather around the fire, soak hot tea and enjoy delicious street food.

    Holidays in Vietnam

    Tet holiday in Vietnam
    Tet holiday in Vietnam

    Most of the Vietnamese people have a few days off and spend this time to visit their families. If you want to travel during the Lunar New Year, you should book in advance. It is very difficult to catch a bus or buy the train ticket on the Tet holiday, and if you are lucky, you will find a space on the floor between the two chairs. Even tickets to Bangkok and other Southeast Asian countries are sold out. At that time, the hotel rates are at least double, while many shops in the city are closed and famous tourist attractions are crowded with visitors. Therefore, you should plan your trip carefully or stay quiet in bustling times. The major festivals in Vietnam do not change but they depend on the holidays. Be sure you have enough time and check your visa term. The Embassy Department doesn’t work during the holiday and if your visa expires, the fee can become expensive.

    The storm season

    From August to November is the main season of hurricanes with destructive potential. Even if a storm comes to Hanoi, most of the central coastal areas are affected. In general, once the storms come to Vietnam, they can damage a lot but they’re hard to predict. If you are in Hue, Da Nang, Hoi An or other coastal cities during the storm, make sure to check the information online or from the hotel reception for your safe.

    Make your decision and choose the best places to visit in Vietnam, your trip will have unforgettable experiences. If you concern more about Vietnam package deals, you can visit our website. Asia Package Travel ensures to bring you extraordinary trips whenever travelling with us.


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